Thursday, August 30, 2007

This Poem Got Me

Sometimes a poem hits me so strongly, I'm speechless. If you have a son or have ever known a this poem by Chris Ransick.


Judy Merrill Larsen said...

Oh, Lisa, thank you for sharing this. As a mom of two boys, now both taller than me and making their way out into the world of college and first serious girlfriends, this hit home. In a good way.

reality said...

Just dropped in quickly to say that I am travelling and missed all your previous blogs. That goes to the rest of the guys out there in the blogging author's world.

And I am blushing pink to have been nominated for that Nice award. Thank you for thinking of me. :)

Lisa said...

Judy, I just thought it so -- real.

Reality, we've missed you! Don't work too hard and sorry to make you blush, but you ARE nice, after all. :)

Larramie said...

It is so real and thus so unfair. Why must boys grow up, while girls can remain "girls?"

Sustenance Scout said...

THANKS for this link, Lisa. I just left a note on Chris's blog. This one really hits home since my "little boy" is suddenly in high school...and suddenly my height! K.

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