Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Eudaemonia will be taking Tuesday, July 31st off in observance of Scott's birthday!!!

To my wonderful, talented and brilliant soul mate -- Happy Birthday to you and may you live to be 100.

You have taught me more about love, life, laughter and fun than I ever in all the years before I met you. May the future bring you all the joy, happiness and fulfillment that I've had living with you.


debra said...

Wishing you happy, loving and peaceful days.

Patti said...

Oh Happy Happy Day, Scott!

Larramie said...

A "Happily Ever Now," Scott!

kristen said...

Happy birthday, Scott! I'd sing, but it's probably better that I don't.

Lovely post, Lisa. Hope the day was special for both of you.

reality said...

Happy B'day Scott. And I hope the two of you enjoyed the day.

Lisa said...

Everyone, Scott thanks you for your kind birthday wishes. We both took the day off and we had a wonderful time doing -- not a whole lot -- which was a nice change :)

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