Monday, July 9, 2007

Felicia C. Sullivan: Writers Revealed and So Much More

I will be the first to admit, I spend far too much time online but every once in a while I run across a site that is too good not to share. In this case it’s more than one.

Felicia Sullivan is going to think I’m stalking her.

She is a New York based writer with an MFA from Columbia. She’s a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee and her work has been published in many literary journals and anthologies. Recently, an excerpt from her memoir was a notable essay in The Best American Essays 2006 collection. Her memoir, The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here:A Daughter’s Story will be published by Algonquin books in January of 2008 and is available for pre-order on Amazon. There’s an interview with Felicia from early 2005 in Gothamist that provides more insight into this fascinating and talented woman.

She’s also the host of Between the Sheets: Writers Revealed, a new weekly podcast featuring live discussions with some of today’s most fascinating authors. It gets even better. Felicia has started a unique Virtual Book Club featuring not only an opportunity to speak live with the author, but to receive a free book as well. She’s also got plans to launch a new monthly book club on literary classics. I've signed up for the October book and will be prowling the site daily for updates on the lit classics club.

Felicia is the founder of one of my favorite online literary magazines, Small Spiral Notebook. This online magazine is full of great poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction from emerging writers, as well as insightful author interviews.

I was sufficiently bowled over by her talent and energy and then discovered coincidentally, that Scott Esposito of Conversational Reading, also editor of another of my favorite haunts, The Quarterly Conversation is a regular contributor to Small Spiral Notebook.

It is a small world and I feel like I just hit the literary jackpot.

So many blogs, so little time -- check out links to these sites -- I promise you'll be glad you did.


smallspiralnotebook said...

Thanks, Lisa! Wow!!
One quick thing though, Scott is the very talented Editor of the Quarterly Conversation (I'm not); he writes reviews/interviews authors for Small Spiral Notebook. Thought I'd clarify :)

But thanks again for your warm words and support.

Cheers, Felicia

Larramie said...

Hi, Lisa. A Virtual Book Club sounds terrific to me as does the Small Spiral Notebook. Of course, as you've observed, "So many blogs, so little time..." I just hope you've found my comment on your blog this morning, the one written on the "Getting to Know You" post.

Have a glorious day! *G*

Lisa said...

Felicia, I went back and fixed it -- oops! So glad I found you.

Larramie, I think so too and yes, thank you for the kind wishes. I'm just glad I've found some new blogs that are about exactly what I like to read -- we missed you last week!

Patti said...

i am supposed to be caulking the baseboards in the living room as i write this. gah! tooo many blogs....

Patti said...

i am supposed to be caulking the baseboards in the living room as i write this. gah! tooo many blogs....

Larramie said...

I've returned, Lisa, to tag you with a meme. Participation is optional and you'll find the rules tomorrow on
where my own 8 memes will be posted.

Now there's something to look forward to... (rolling my eys)

Lisa said...

My first meme -- ohmygosh -- I'll check it out tomorrow. Thanks for thinking of me (I think) ;)

Therese said...

What an energetic dynamo of a woman! Thank you for sharing these links!

Lisa said...

Patti, far be it for me to interfere with caulking! But I hope I sidetracked you just a little longer anyway :)

Lisa said...

Therese, I just realized from Felicia's post on her site today what her day job is. You are already up and running and your blog is fabulous, but she's got a great post geared toward published author blogs. I'm astounded by her energy!

Patti said...

i was thinking about this entry and other things as i caulked yesterday, and here's some of what entered my brain and swirled around the drain:

1) i think sometimes we talk too much about the process. that being said i totally understand the need to talk about the process of others because i think it's inherent in writer's. if there had been an internets when i started writing you can bet i would have flocked to those who were already deeper into the process than i. but the thought about how we try to figure this craft out wouldn't leave me.

2) i probably have no business giving advice.

3) caulking sucks.

4) i am craving my homemade apple pie with a crumble topping.

5) writing is a mystery to me. i write and then i write some more. part of me worries if i talk about it...if people hear my words instead of reading them...that i will lose something in the process.

most days i think i am deluded in my efforts. most days i think of getting a barista job because that would be easier. most days i wish those who have had success in this endevor would come hold my hand and tell me about how it's gonna be ok.

and then i write some more because it's what i do.

i never said i was gonna be helpful, but something in me thought you might want to know these thoughts. feel free to disregard....

Patti said...

^omg...i just reread after eating something and feeling a bit more grounded and the above seems to sound pompous, as if i don't need no schoolin', but if you have read anything i have ever written you know that's not the case...i was trying to convey, as i had truly thought about it all day, that sometimes, for me, the pondering gets in the way of the doing.

Lisa said...

Patti, you didn't sound pompous at all and your points are well taken. We are all different and the mix between writing and pondering has to be tweaked to the right proportions so we make the best use of our time. I agree that too much thinking can easily slide into procrastination and not enough can result in writing ourselves down side streets and dead ends.

If you were here I'd fix us a drink and try to help you get your mind off of those query letters and forbid you to keep checking the mail. This is the worst time in the world to try to get responses from people about anything -- half the world is on vacation and the other half of us know it and don't feel like working because everybody else is on vacation. It's all going to be OK :)

Patti said...

thanks lisa...seriously.

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