Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dickens in Dubai

It's infectious, I tell you -- and I'm so glad! One of my favorite writing bloggers has jumped into the Dickensian pool and I will be anxiously awaiting her first installment.

Liz Fenwick is her mid forties and is a perennial expat currently living in Dubai. It was living in Dubai the first time that she embraced again her first love, writing fiction. Since then she has written three women’s fiction novels and is about to begin the fourth. For the Dickens Challenge she will be stepping out of her comfort zone and writing Explosive Dreams, a thriller told in the first person, for the sheer hell of it to stretch those writing muscles – at least that’s the plan! You’ll find it (soon) on


liz fenwick said...


Usman said...

How come you get us all into the game.
Welcome Liz, I am on the sideboard too.
Say Yikes again and cross yourself three times; plus some more, but we'll get there later.

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Virginia Woolf