Friday, January 18, 2008

The Dickens Challenge Finally Makes it to the UK

It's only fitting that the Dickens Challenge ought to have at least one English writer and as of today, we do.

Rachel Green is a forty-something writer from the hills of Derbyshire in England. She lives with her two female partners, their two kids and their two dogs, and only occasionally gets them all mixed up. She was the regional winner of the Undiscovered Authors 2007 competition and her book ‘An Ungodly Child’ will be published sometime this year. Her Dickens Challenge book is Another Bloody Love Story, a satirical tale of a romance that continues beyond the grave. You can read it at

I've just gone to check it out and it's great stuff! Please stop by and check it out. Rachel has been added to my sidebar for Dickens Challengers.

Anybody else?


Patry Francis said...

Thrilled to see your wonderful challenge growing! It may be the next NaNoWriMo--but I suspect it's producing better work.

liz fenwick said...

Rachel's great and I will go and read her offering! Thanks for posting the link Lisa :-)

Lisa said...


Thanks so much for stopping by! I was always tempted to try NaNoWriMo, but the word count was just too intimidating. One chapter a week isn't quite as scary :)


I'm so glad you are on board! Just emailed you and Tim Hallinan so we can add you to the Dickens Challenger links on everyone's sites. I need to get a world map and start adding push pins to show all the countries where the writers are. We now have the US, Pakistan, England and Dubai and Tim will be in Thailand for six months beginning next month. Hmm -- I wonder how we can get a Canadian to join us?

Leatherdykeuk said...

I'm honoured to be included. I just hope I can live up to the challenge!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'll be following along.

Julie said...

Glad this is working out so well....
Art son is encouraging me to paint so writing is on the back burner at the moment!

Steve Malley said...

Some mighty fine work coming out of these serialized novels as well!!

Lisa said...

Rachel, I have no doubt you will. As long as it's beneficial to you, that's what counts.

Charles, I truly appreciate your loyal readership :)

Julie, I'm excited to hear you'll be creating some new work! I look forward to seeing it soon.

Steve, Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the encouraging words! All the writers appreciate the support.

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