Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Great Tool for Comparing Health Care Plans and a Chance to Help a Stranger

For those of you who are trying to research the issues related to the upcoming Presidential election, I've stumbled on tool that you may find helpful. The web site Health08.org has a wealth of data including each candidate's positions, speeches, videos, podcasts and news as they relate to health care.

Most useful, there is an interactive tool that allows a side by side comparison of the Presidential candidates on key health care issues.

Whatever your views are and whichever candidate you favor, please be informed and take the time to make sure your candidate's views represent you.

Campaign ads and sound bites on television aren't enough.

* * *

While I'm on the subject of health care, everyone's favorite anonymous New York editor, Moonrat of Editorial Ass is sponsoring a very important raffle. Read more here:

"Dear Beloved Blogging Fellows,

Recently, a friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage IV lymphoma. She is only 28 and is fighting back hard, but her valor is frustrated by the fact that she has no insurance. Medicaid will be kicking in for her in about a month, but in the meantime there are some hurdles that nothing will help her get over but money.

Of course, there are lots of benefits and pots for me to throw money in. Alas... I work in publishing and have no money. I was bemoaning this to my darling Ello, and she thought of this fantastic idea: I should raffle off my editorial services. So that's what we're going to try here.


Prizes available:

-One winner: A full manuscript evaluation (up to 120,000 words)*
-One winner: A partial manuscript evaluation (up to 50 page)*
-One winner: A query letter and revised query letter critique*
-Five winners: A choice from select titles in Moonrat's library, which will be mailed with a love letter from Moonrat, who enjoys writing love letters

I've started this new, temporary blog to host a raffle for my friend. You can buy tickets, check the donation log, and see how much progress has been made on each of the raffled lots here.

*please note: these are critiques with an eye toward editorial suggestions, and will in no way be considered submissions to me or my company

General Guidelines (and my very best attempts to make the whole process honest and transparent)

-The raffle will run between now, Tuesday, September 30th, and 8 pm on Tuesday, October 7th, when lots will be drawn.

-Winners will be announced (or their anonymous IDs, if they prefer) on Editorial Ass no later than 11:59 pm on Tuesday, October 7th.

-Prizes have no expiration date--you can ask for your prize redemption anytime between now and, well, I guess 2020.

-Turnaround time for prize redemption is 2 weeks (i.e. if you send me your manuscript on the 1st of November, I'll need until the 15th to get you my comments).

-All prizes are transferable. If you do not have a query letter that needs critiquing but you have a friend who does, you can gift your winning prize on your friend.

-On top of the instant confirmation email from PayPal, you will receive a confirmation email from me by midnight on the calendar day on which you purchased your raffle ticket. My email to you will include your lot number(s).

-On my end, lot numbers will be written on highly scientific bits of paper, which will be dropped into one of four of the rally monkey's highly scientific baseball hats. Lots will be drawn from each hat at 8 pm on Tuesday, October 7.

-You will have the option to purchase raffle tickets under your real name or an anonymous ID. You may specify a code name or number upon receiving my confirmation email.

-I've opened a PayPal account, which will allow you and me both to maintain our identities. PayPal is free for you and only charges me $.30 and 3% off each transaction.

-All raffle ticket purchasers will be fully and publicly disclosed for accountability purposes. At midnight each day the raffle is active, the names (or anonymous IDs, if you choose not to have your name listed) of all the people who purchased raffle tickets for a particular lot will be listed in separate recorded posts. When you buy a raffle ticket, please check the name roster the next day to make sure your name is up. If it's not, email me ASAP at moonratty@gmail.com and we'll straighten it out.

-Again, for accountability, I have opened up a separate bank account that will receive nothing but PayPal payments for this one raffle. A record of the balance will be available for anyone who requests it. The entire account will be emptied at the end of the raffle, and our proud balance will be prominently displayed on Ed Ass.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. If I have left any stones unturned, please drop me a note or comment and I will amend this record ASAP.

I will leave this post floating at the top of my blog for the next week. New posts will appear below it. All regularly scheduled publication will carry on as it always does!

Please, please tell your friends.

The Mischief Fights Cancer"

The direct link to The Mischief Fights Cancer is here. For readers and writers alike, this is an excellent opportunity to enter a raffle and help a very young woman who has no health insurance and who could be any one of us. At the same time, this is an opportunity to win some very valuable prizes.

For those of you who believe in the power of prayer, please include this young lady in yours.


Anonymous said...

There's also a great tool to compare the candidates' tax plans, as evaluated by the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, at http://obamataxcut.com.

Steve Malley said...

She may have my prayers, some raffle tickets, and my most fervent wish for Universal Health Care in the US.

Patti said...

wow...i am so in.

moonrat said...

thank you, Lisa. <3

Lisa said...

Rob, Thanks for the link. I like to find as many vetted/non-partisan tools as possible.

Steve, You are a gentleman, Sir.

Patti, Good cause -- awesome prizes.

Moonrat, Thank YOU.

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