Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Denver Loves Authors

There it is, Tethered by Amy MacKinnon, right up front on the big kids' table at the Borders at Park Meadows Mall! I haven't written my review up on Tethered yet, but I will soon -- frankly, I'm so worried I won't do it justice -- it's that good. For a taste, check out Larramie's fantastic review here. I met up with Carleen Brice and Karen Carter, just before we headed to Karen's book club party to talk about Orange Mint and Honey with Carleen (that's right, I was a tagalong!).

Karen did a beautiful job setting up a table full of gifts for the guest of honor.

And my photos aren't the best, but I think these will give you an idea of the lovely group that Karen assembled, along with the wonderful dinner.

Denver is getting so literary! A signing and dinner last week with Tim Hallinan, a stop-off to see Amy MacKinnon's book on release date (our mini launch party) and then on to another elegant soiree with Carleen and Karen.

New York City literati, eat your hearts out!


Rob in Denver said...

And a former Lighthouser is currently #4 on the NYT:


Top 5 at a Glance
1. MOSCOW RULES, by Daniel Silva
2. THE BOURNE SANCTION, by Eric Van Lustbader
3. THE HOST, by Stephenie Meyer
4. THE STORY OF EDGAR SAWTELLE, by David Wroblewski (login required)

Sustenance Scout said...

Lisa, so glad you joined us last night!! Great photo of us with those purple walls behind us in that new Borders. Very literary, though Borders definitely needs to step up the love for ORANGE MINT & HONEY! What a great time everyone had meeting with Carleen and talking up OM&H. I'm sure everyone would've been happy to chat with Carleen even longer. Next time! :)

The Electric Orchid Hunter said...

Looks like fun times in the Mile High city. Now: if only I had more time to read fiction...

Patti said...

i am loving the hair...and your life. as usual!

Melissa Marsh said...

Man! I have a hankering to move closer to Denver...maybe Fort Collins? :-)

Carleen Brice said...

Clearly, Denver is the place to be! Thanks Lisa for the pix!

Larramie said...

Denver, THE literary capital of the west?!

Amy MacKinnon said...

I can't think of what to write. My book is in Denver? With you and Carleen and Karen? Somehow it never occurred to me that it would leave the borders of Massachusetts. I'm struck.

And, Karen, what a magnificent dinner you organized! Of course, I would want to honor Carleen and her novel OM&H too, but very impressive. I'm booking a flight to Denver, girls!

Thanks, as always, Lisa...

Lisa said...

Rob, Isn't that cool? Actually, even though I don't think he's done any Lighthouse events, I think he's still a member. Did you get the Lighthouse newsletter yesterday? He's doing some kind of event or events in the fall -- gives me time to read this tome first!

Karen, Thank you so much for letting me tag along. These author book talks are great and Carleen is just the best!

Orchid Hunter, You must be making some time -- I've read a couple of your recommendations and I've got two of Kate Atkinson's sitting here with my (your) name on them.

Patti, Oy vey! It needs cutting and my perm is all growing out, but thanks ;)

Melissa, Can you believe I've never been to Fort Collins? But the Electric Orchid Hunter lives there and that alone makes it a pretty cool place in my book.

Carleen, I'm amazed at how much goes on here. You and all of the other literary stars in town make this an inspiring place to live and write. And Elyse Singleton will be at next month's LLL? AND, at the last minute I signed up for a one-day intensive this Saturday with Janis Halloran on dealing with moving around in time. I'm very excited!

Larramie, Hey! It just might be. Kind of like San Francisco, only in Tevas and hiking boots :)

Amy, Yes, I guess the idea that your virtual friends would be holding your very real book in a city across the country might be kind of strange...

We would LOVE it if you'd come out -- anytime!!!

Therese said...

What fun!

Yes, Denver is clearly THE place--I wonder if I can persuade Karen to let me drop by next spring? :)

Mardougrrl said...

What a wonderful looking event! I love how you've infused your life with literary events. I'm envious! :)

Lana Gramlich said...

Looks like it was a great time! :)

Lisa said...

Therese, Oooh, I think she'd probably be very excited at the prospect!

Monica, There is something very nourishing about making literary events part of one's life. Perhaps it's seeing published authors up close and personal, seeing that it can be done and finding that they're actual flesh and blood people, maybe not so different from you and I. Listening to their experiences and their insights is truly inspiring.

Lana, A great time indeed.

Steve Malley said...

Soon they'll be calling you the Middle Coast, or the Mile-High Coast, or some such. Looks neat!

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