Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here Comes the Sun!

Patry Francis had a great post about singing yesterday and today, on this first day of April with the Sun streaming through my windows I couldn't help but think of her. The sentiment of this song feels so significant with regard to Patry, where she's been and where she's going that I wanted to post a video of it to share with everyone.

Naturally, I was looking for something Beatles or George, but something made me watch this one.

I think this musician is fantastic and on a site dedicated to the pursuit of my literary dreams, I thought that posting this particular rendition of the classic song was especially apt.


Carleen Brice said...

Nina Simone does a version too. :)


Greg said...

lisa have you ever read any books by j.g. ballard? i just finished "high rise." i'm looking for somebody who's read something by him. i don't find him particularly impressive stylistically, but the story was great.

that's all. i don't have much to say about the dude covering the beatles tune. just wanted to contribute my little book comment and question. have a nice one!

Sustenance Scout said...

Meanwhile, I loved this version! Fun fun fun and I really like the range he chose to use. I just wish the sun would stick around here awhile; looking forward to a beautiful weekend, K.

Lana Gramlich said...

Very nice--thanks for sharing!

Larramie said...

What fun! And the sun has come out as well. :)

Lisa said...


I listened to the Nena version and I loved it! Then when I saw that this was a version this guy did all by himself from his house, I thought that it was really the musical equivalent of me posting my Dickens Challenge chapters on line and that it fit the spirit of Patry's post about how we should all sing more often. If I hadn't posted this regular guy, I was going to post Nena's :)


I've never read Ballard, but the movie "Crash" from about ten or 12 years ago, with James Spader and Holly Hunter was based on his books. He may be somebody I'd like to read -- I can't seem to get away from the English writers.


I thought it was fun, I love his voice and I just really liked the idea of someone's home recording for a change :)


Glad you liked it!


I'm so glad you've got sun there too and glad you're back from spring break.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'll have to come back and check this one out later today.

Billy said...

Gotta love it if it's by George. He wrote it at Clapton's house after temporarily quitting the Beatles. Many years later, Carl Sagan tried unsuccessfully to have this be one of the songs put on Voyagers gold album.

debra said...

Thanks for making me s-m-i-l-e!!!!!
And it is a rare sunny day in NE Ohio. What a treat.

Shauna Roberts said...

I had forgotten how much I like this song. Thank you for posting the video. Now I'll go check out Nina Simone's cover!

Lisa said...


You don't even really have to watch it -- I just really love the way this guy sings and the way he covered it.


Hey, what a couple of cool factoids about this song! Who'd have thought the author of JOHN LENNON AND THE MERCY STREET CAFE might be a Beatles fan :)


Oh I'm so glad it made you smile!


I tried to think of a more cheerful, optimistic song and I couldn't.

Melissa Marsh said...

No sun here today, but lots of rain and clouds. Fortunately, I like days like this, especially if I have to be inside. ;-)

steve said...

Lisa--Very nice version of the Beatles' tune. This is the time of year that even creatures of the shade like me can appreciate sunshine.

Just curious about your labels. Everything gets labeled "Writing, Art, Life Transition, Creativity." And, generally speaking, all of your posts could fit into all those categories. Do you ever have posts that don't include those labels? No need to change, just curious.

Lisa said...


We had wet snow here today! I guess it's that time of year when anything goes...


You know, when I accidentally started this blog almost a year ago -- and it really was pretty much an accident -- somehow I established those tags or labels and they have automatically been part of all the posts since. I'd stopped noticing after I realized I couldn't take them off, but I may have to figure out how to fix that one of these days.

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